Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lunch at Sao Nam

Monday, November 27, 2006

SG side parking!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Passports in hand, we were all set to go to Singapore. Sadly, we were short on oil.

Luckily Robin came to the rescue (despite troubles in Gotham) with his new tyres. Picked Party Animal from Seremban with the compulsory egg tarts- which became a bit of a recurring theme during the trip.
Officially, WEACI road trips have now involved meals in every state in the Peninsular except Perlis and Terengganu. Do we rock or what!? *burp*

Singapore is a FINE city

Too bad they don't accept payment at exit points or online

Scenic pictures of Singapore skyline from the AYE and of a church in Seremban

What a blessed road trip! We were right next to a temple!
SG was ecstatic that the room overlloked the temple. What a blessing for the threesome and their 1am trip to Geylang. Pics not included. This is not *that* sort of blog, ppl.

They were selling beautiful flowers outside the temple. Leftovers became pastry. Equally yummy.

Continuing with the religious theme
Pix of the Hindu temple next door

The excuse for our international road trip (IRT)

So there WAS a point to this trip beyond makan, ok

Bit of a shopper's paradise, this island city

The end- Chicken Rice Ball in Melaka

Wouldn't you go ga-ga too if you drove through a storm for round ketupats?!
Verdict: Gimmick